What are your clothes worth?

Knowing what your items are worth to someone else is something we look at regularly so let us share what we look for:

  • The brand: where is it from, is it a quality brand that is known for long lasting items or was it an affordable purchase?

  • The wear & tear: has this item been extremely loved by its owner and passed it’s prime days? Are there any stains, scuffs or holes?

  • The audience: Who will this appeal to?

We understand the hassle of selling your clothes, the sorting, assessing, pricing, photo taking and then the haggling... ohhhh the haggling! We get it and we understand that it is hard not to be bias about your own clothes. You might think it is worth a million bucks but lets be honest, others almost definitely may not! 😉

It’s important to get the pricing right in order to avoid those low-ball, not-worthy-of-your-time offers, have a think of these three points and imagine it didn’t come from YOUR wardrobe! Be critical but be fair.

On the other hand there is nothing worse than selling an item, then wishing you didn't price it so low!

If you need a hand, send us a message!

Thanks for reading,

Ellie, Josie & Alana

EJA Pre-Loved Clothing

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