Welcome to our Blog! The Faces Behind EJA

Welcome to our blog! This is a place where we can express our ideas, our thoughts and our business to you. Some of our behind-the-scenes information about us and our lives will keep you entertained at the very least!

We thought we would start off with... who is behind EJA?? Well, we are three sisters aged 19, 17 & 13 who love each other dearly (most of the time) and have spent our whole entire lives sharing each other’s clothes, sometimes secretly. 🤫

I (as in the eldest daughter, Ellie) can say that of all the occasions, days out, family dinners etc. that we go to, 80% of them I will hear these exact words “Ell..... you know that (insert clothing piece) that you have? 🥺🥰😚🙏🏼 If you’re not wearing it, do you think I could borrow it...? 🥺 Pretty please with cherries on top 🍒?”

As ANNOYING as this can be, I wouldn’t change a thing and I usually say yes because I am eyeing off their brand new shoes that I would like to borrow too 🙊

As you can imagine, three girls means the house is never short of washing, ironing, folding and well, fighting! Just picture it... “Ummmm, who’s top is that? Are you wearing my top? That better not be my top I see on you!?” (This is the nice, less explicit version of what would happen). Trust us when we tell you that clothes cause a large portion of the arguments in our household.

So why would we want to turn that into a mini business!!? Well for one, because we have so bloody many 😫 and because we understand the benefits of recycling clothes for our planet, to provide people with an affordable clothing option and also because they are such good quality 😍

Since beginning EJA Pre-Loved clothing in June 2020, we have experienced so much change allowing us to adapt to new circumstances. With one sister moving out all the way to Sydney, we quickly had to learn how to work together from a distance. This meant that understanding our individual roles became super important in ensuring nothing is ever missed! Despite not seeing each other every day, we still have just as much passion for this little project!

To sign off, Ellie, Josie and Alana (and our cute puppy, Archie) are the faces behind EJA Pre-Loved Clothing. We are very passionate about this mini project, working between full time jobs, casual jobs, school, sport, life etc. and we are so thankful for all of our customers!

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