New Year, New Style?

2022 has begun and for many of us that means a chance to set new goals!

Do you tend to set career, education or personal goals? If so have you considered if your wardrobe reflects the latest trends in fashion or shows your identity the way you want it to?

Our true identity can be revealed through our outfit and the accessories we choose therefore it makes sense that while counting down to midnight on New Years Eve many of us realise its time for a clean out, shopping spree and the beginning of your new identity because suddenly your 2021 wardrobe doesn't fit into your New Year, New Style.

So, what are your 2022 wardrobe resolutions? What fashion trends have you been dying to embrace?

Whatever your new style is when you sort through your 2021 wardrobe deciding what items of clothing are going to stay and those that are going to find a new home consider EJA's three tips on cleaning out your wardrobe;

  1. Is this still of good quality?

  2. Would I purchase this second hand?

  3. Could someone else use this piece of clothing?

Thank you for reading!

Ellie, Josie & Alana

EJA Pre-Loved Clothing

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