How Our Clothes Get From Our Cupboard to Yours!

Do you ever wonder just how it is we run our business? After reading this you should gain a deeper understanding of how we get from an item of clothing to a product on our website and even a sale.

I won't lie it takes all three of us working together, which in itself can be challenging! I mean if you have siblings and you try to do almost anything together, there will always small arguments and sarcastic remarks made to each other. We have quickly learnt that to get each item of clothing onto our website, working together and to our strengths makes the entire process that much smoother. Which is why we have developed a structure that works for us.

Our EJA structure;

Firstly, we start with a box or bag filled with clothes, then we sort! We select items that will continue onto our website and seperate these from the items that can be donated to a charity that works to help those in need. Each item of clothing then gets individually examined for any missing buttons or imperfections and noted down for later. Alana will then iron and style each item for photographing!

After each item is assessed and ironed, Josie photographs each and every piece of clothing we sell through EJA Pre-Loved Clothing expressing her creativity and perfectionism through every photo. After all photos have been taken, Josie then edits all images ready for the website.

After Josie uploads all items into our website database Ellie, who created our beautiful website and enhances it regularly will then add all stock online ready to be viewed on our website. Additionally, Ellie writes all descriptions for each item of clothing for sale and replies to any customer enquiries.

After this, all items of clothing that were once in a box are beautiful items on our website ready for sale to our amazing customers and sorted into our EJA clothing store room! Lastly, when EJA makes a sale we are very appreciative and begin packing as soon as possible! Josie and Alana collect the sold items, pack into our signature EJA packaging and then ship to the customer!

Thanks for reading,

Ellie, Josie & Alana

EJA Pre-Loved Clothing

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