How Much do You Love a Good Bag?

I'm sure many of us can agree that our handbag or a small trendy purse over our shoulder is priceless! It may not be the bag itself but instead what is carried inside.

Have you ever looked in a females bag? Then you know what I mean. We carry everything because you never know when you'll need to touch up your makeup, have a change of clothes, medicine for a migraine after a long and draining lecture or work meeting or even snacks for when you just can't go without! The list is endless, hence the over flowing, heavy bag on our shoulder with a zip that is seconds away from bursting open and leaving our life spilling out onto the sidewalk!

Like any female, we also have many, many bags to choose from so each time we are heading out there's a moment to try on every bag, clutch and purse to match the outfit before we then cram everything needed inside! So, when shopping for another bag to add to your collection what do you look for?

EJA's Favourite Bag Perks;

- Pockets

- Space

- Adjustable straps

- Key tag (so you never have to rummage around for your keys again!)

- Brand

Here at EJA Pre-Loved Clothing we have a boutique bag collection just waiting to join yours at home!

Thanks for Reading!

EJA Pre - Loved Clothing

Ellie, Josie & Alana

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