Holiday Essentials

As Australia and the world begin to open their borders to travel we are all eager to pack our things into that shiny suitcase we bought pre lockdowns and buy a ticket to just about anywhere!

Whether you are travelling for leisure, visiting loved ones or heading out to explore the locations on your bucket list, everyone faces that daunting packing list!

Some of us will leave it to the last minute while others enjoy the excitement of packing our things in the lead up to our holiday!

EJA’s top packing tips!

- Wear your heaviest clothes on board any flight to ensure plenty of packing space

- Consider everything! Clothes, toiletries, medical supplies, essentials (chargers, earphones, etc.)

- Roll clothes to provide more space

- Pack clothes that are versatile! This means packing your staple items and layering them with accessories to make your outfits stand out every day

- Consider the type of holiday you are going on! Are you heading to a beach vacay? Or a winter getaway? Obviously this is going to have huge impacts on your packing list!

- Consider how long you are staying and if you will be able to wash while you are away (this might reduce the load)

- Will you be shopping where you are going? Make sure to leave room for this

- Don't forget your travel documents (passport, tickets, ID etc)!!

Thank you for reading and happy travelling!

Ellie, Josie & Alana

EJA Pre-Loved Clothing

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