Clothes & Our Identity

Fashion and your personality have much more in common than you may think....

There are many factors that dictate what we wear each day, for example; uniforms, social trends, seasons, dress codes, occasions and so much more. Without even thinking, we naturally gravitate towards items of clothing that can reflect a part of our personality or identity. For instance, many people who have grown up close to the beach are inclined to wear a very neutral toned, laid back style of clothing. Or for those that are a 'sporty' type of person, tend to always wear activewear or sport-related clothing, trust us, we would know! 😅

In many ways, clothing is used as an expression of our true selves. For some, clothing can be manipulated to blend in with the crowd if that is what they are trying to achieve and for others, clothing is a way to express a sense of individuality or uniqueness. There is no right or wrong when it comes to expressing yourself through clothes but for many people, clothing can be a comfortable, un-complicated way of conveying a sense of their identity.

Another factor that has a large correlation with our clothing choices is cultural influences. For many cultures, clothing has a significant meaning and often uses particular colours, materials and styles to reflect certain beliefs, traditions or customs within the culture. For example, wearing white clothing in Egypt can show that you are of high-ranking status!

For many, our expression through clothing changes throughout our life, we grow through phases or trends that we love and, adapt to particular times in our lives. In the modern world it is common to begin choosing your style from quite a young age, although, this has not always been the case. In today's society we are becoming much more accepting of self expression through clothes however, we still have many more leaps and bounds to go!

Thank you for reading!

Ellie, Josie & Alana

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